5 Tips on Maintaining Seldom-Used Vehicles During COVID-19

During this pandemic, it is not surprising when many of our vehicles are parked and unused for long stretches of time. Movement is limited due to numerous lockdowns, and many of us who used to drive to work now work at home.

But it is not a secret that cars that are not driven regularly can deteriorate. How can this be prevented? Here are 5 tips:

1. Avoid using the hand brake

Keeping the hand brake engaged for a long period can cause the brake pads to fuse with the rotor. This is caused by moisture. If you’re parking at an angle, it might be wiser to use a parking blog behind your wheel instead of using the hand brake.

2. Start the car weekly

There is a chance that the battery can drain. Keep it charged by turning your car on for 15 minutes every week. It is also better if you can drive even for a short distance.

Driving the car also prevents the lubricants in your car from drying out, so better get behind the wheel.

3. Clean it!

Don’t be that car owner that leaves the car dirty if it is not in use. If you do that, your car’s paint can fade, and the metallic parts can corrode. Make it a point to check your car visually and give it a thorough carwash regularly. This will also prevent pests and rodents from settling in inside your car.

4. Check the wheels

Your car’s tires can deflate every day while it is in storage. Make sure to check the wheels regularly to avoid flat tires. You can purchase a portable tire inflator so you can top up the air in your tire when necessary.

5. Don’t skip your regular maintenance

Just because your car is not being used doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take it to its regular maintenance schedule. Make it a point to go to your preferred casa or a car service garage so a mechanic can look at it more closely. Or if you are not allowed to drive to a service center due to lockdowns, you can call for a mechanic that does home services.

There might be problems that you are likely to overlook, so it is only wise to prevent that when you can.