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9Circle Model 9CC-EXT35

All System Cleaner


  • Super chemical available for engine, fuel, transmission, gear, brake systems and after treatment (DPF) carbon clean
  • Luxury EP element
  • Water eliminate function
  • Sludge dissolve function
  • Recover seals to stop oil leak and burning
  • With EP lubricants, restore worn seals and reduce metal friction
  • Works on gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG engines and in hybrid or electric vehicles
  • Does not contain harmful solvents
  • made in ITALY


  • Engine Flush
    • Ideal to be used with any of the 9Circle machines (TC9, CT9, PE9)
    • Cleans the entire engine oil line
    • Works as detergent for engine internal parts
      • Dissolves sludge and mud inside the engine
      • Removes carbon deposits on the piston rings
    • Suitable for extreme pressure conditions
      • Protects all metal parts
    • Restores the valve seal to their original size
    • Repairs the 3rd seal in the piston also known as the oil control ring
    • Eliminates water in the engine oil line
  • Cleaning
    • Fuel and Injection System
      • Direct application to the fuel tank
      • Cleans the fuel system
      • Cleans the injectors
      • Lubricates the cylinder upper parts
      • Lubricates the pump and injectors
      • Improves the flow on cold anti-gel
      • Stabilizes and conditions the fuel
      • Cleans the combustion chamber and valves
      • Eliminates the water in all systems
      • Creates an anti-freeze protection in all the systems
    • Braking System
      • Ideal to be used with any of the 9Circle machines (SB9, B9, BP9)
      • Dissolves easily the oil deposits in the brake system
      • Eliminates the moisture in the brake fluid master cylinder deposit and the entire brake system
      • Works with any kind of brake system (ABS, ESP, EDS, SBC, etc.)
    • Cooling System
      • Eliminates the oil and grease from the cooling system
    • Transmission System
      • Ideal to be used with any of the 9Circle machines (TC9 and PT9)
      • Restores the rubber seals to their original size
      • Removes in a safe way the varnish / lacquer that are found on the system
      • Clean all internal components
      • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors
      • It can be mixed with any type of automatic transmission fluid (AT, CVT, DCT, etc.) or any grease and oil for various kinds of manual transmission
    • Power Steering System and Gearbox
      • Ideal to be used with any of the 9Circle machines (TC9 and PT9)
      • Removes carbon deposits and impurities
      • Conditions and revitalizes the seals and its components
      • Avoids hydraulic oil leakage from the power steering
      • Cleans, conditions and prepares the system to replace used components
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