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9Circle Model 9CL-65600

TC9 – Multi-Functional Flush Machine



  • Internal engine cleaning / Engine Flush
  • Intake manifold cleaning
  • Exhaust system (including catalytic converter and DPF) cleaning
  • Turbo VGT / VNT cleaning
  • Air Shower
    • It puts air under pressure to the engine or transmission which helps to finish draining 100% of the oil that was stored in the pipes and the oil pans that could not be drained by gravity
  • Oil Shower
    • Its puts flush oil into the pipes to help finish cleaning them, thus preventing the new oil to be introduced from mixing with the old oil or impurities that are inside the engine and taking better advantage of the new oil to be filled
  • Oil Bath
    • Function to be used with the vehicles that does not have a drain plug or vehicle where it is necessary to dismantle the entire crankcase to drain the oil
    • Can be preformed either on an engine oil pan or an oil pan for the automatic transmission
    • It cleans the inside of the engine creating an internal shower
    • The machine extracts the oil through the hole where the dipstick goes and introduces the oil flush through the filler neck
  • Optional Functions
    • Cleaning the automatic transmission case
    • Automatic transmission oil change
    • Cleaning the power steering system
    • Power steering hydraulics (PSF) change
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