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Rotary Model R1080

Baysaver High Performance 3D Wheel Alignment System



  • Tower free system
    • Maximize available work space
  • NO minimum bay size required
    • No fixed obstruction in front of the lift
    • Portable aligner console can be positioned anywhere for the ultimate convenience
  • NO compensation or rollback*
    • No physical rolling or pushing of the vehicle to make runout compensation
    • Automatic and instant 3D target visualization
  • NO interruptions
  • NO limitations
    • Can be used at any height
    • No need for dedicated alignment bays
      • Use the aligner in more than one bay location with optional target support


    • Easy vehicle selection
      • Quick entry of vehicle by model or VIN
      • Summary and comparison of diagnosis / repair values on a single screen
    • Easy data
      • Data management and display program with more than 90,000 vehicle data sheets
      • Customer data bank for recording 20,000 jobs which may be searched by customer name or vehicle plate
    • Animated instruction / 3D animation
    • Easy alignment
    • Runout compensation (when required)
    • Quick diagnostic
      • The quick measurement of the axle set back, wheelbase, and track-width, may highlight any errors in the vehicle chassis symmetry
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