What is MVIS?

The government wants to be at the forefront of efforts to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. This is why the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr) are developing the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS), which is planned to replace the Smoke Emission Testing.

Currently, any car owner who needs a renewal of their car registration needs to undergo the Smoke Emission Testing. But this is not enough for global standards, according to DOTr Undersecretary Tim Orbos.

In a speech on January 2020, Orbos mentioned that there should be 72 points that should be considered when checking if the car is still road-worthy for registration.

“What we have right now is the Smoke Emission Testing—that’s just one point. We’re talking here of 72 points. A wornout tire, a suspension that is also worn out adds to carbon emission increase. Pag pinapahirapan po ang sasakyan, lalong nagkakaroon ng madaming usok ang sasakyan. So it’s not just smoke emission that we’re after—it’s the whole roadworthiness of our vehicles,” he said.

What are the 72 points? Here are some of them:

    1. Above Carriage Inspection
      • Identity / Construction
      • Lighting System and Reflectors
      • Windshield / Window glass
      • Wiper/Washer
      • Chassis /Motor Number Authenticity
      • Horn
      • Number Plates
      • Floor Board
      • Body Appearance
      • Seat Belts
      • Door /Hinge
      • Rear View /Side Mirror
      • Brake System /Parking Brake
      • Clutch System
      • Steering
      • Driver’s /Passenger’s Seat
      • Tires/Wheels
      • Wheel Bolts/Nuts
      • Fuel Tank /Fuel Tank Cap
      • Mobile Air Conditioning (MACs)
      • EWD
    2. Side Slip Test (Automatic Test Equipment)
    3. Brake Test (Automatic Test Equipment)
    4. Speedometer Test (Automatic Test Equipment)
    5. Headlight Test (Automatic Test Equipment)
    6. Exhaust Emission Test (private vehicles)
    7. Under Carriage Inspection
      • Brake hose and pipes, for any brake fluid leakage or damage
      • Steering System, for any looseness and damage
      • Radiator, for water leakage
      • Propeller shaft, for play and distribution
      • Shock absorber, for oil leakage and deformation
      • Exhaust pipe, for any damage
      • Catalyzers and heat shielding plates, for proper attachment and damage
      • Leakage from engine and transmission

And because the government cannot do it alone, it is partnering with private institutions that can implement and manage Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (MVIC) nationwide. It is a good business opportunity because MVICs will be able to gain the business of every car that needs the renewal of their registration.

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